UK Prices 2012

UK retail prices, including 20% VAT, for the bicycle and its accessories. All Paper Bicycles have a kickstand, and painted stainless steel mudguards. Rims and most fittings are silver aluminium.

Bicycle Single Speed Single speed, 58″ gear, and 70mm drum brakes £670
Lights Hub Dynamo powered LED lights, with a rear stand light £70
Gears Sturmey Archer 8 speed (31″-101″) hub gears £130
Colour One colour The frame painted in any colour that our powder coater has £0
Two Tone Chain panels and front cap powder coated in any colour. £60
Finish Normal Big Apple tyres, black vinyl saddle, black plastic chain panels £0
Board Racer Fat Frank tyres in brown cream or black. no mudguards £0
Wood & Leather Wooden chain panels, leather Brookes B17 special saddle, brass bell £200
Luggage Rack Topeak Super Tourist DX rear rack, with special bracket. £50
Basket Paper Bicycle front basket £50
Terms: All bicycles are made to order, it normally takes us about 3 weeks. Only colours that the powder coater has are practical, some colours (like metallic) cost more. Everything is subject to change, without warning.Specials:

The Pebble design chain panel is a ‘special’ available only through Pebble Bikes, other designs are available upon request, please note there is an additional charge for these panels and they start at £60.00 for a single panel.

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