About Us

Pebble Bikes are a new company offering the marvellous Paper Bicycle in Brighton (UK) and the surrounding area. We also supply ‘fleet’ buyers accross the UK.

The Paper Bicyle was designed by Nick Lobnitz who is Scottish, a gentleman and a very talented designer to boot. More information about Nick, Paper Bicycles and trailers can be found here: http://www.simple-city.com

The Paper Bicycle is a unique bike available in Single or 8 Speed, it is strong enough to tow a trailer and mount child seats and anything else you can think of and it also makes an excellent fleet bike due to it’s upright position, excellent ride, low maintenance and durable design. What makes it even more unique is that you get to choose the colour you want. In addition to your choice of colour you also choose the chaincase panel: Plastic (black, fitted as standard), Wood or Powder Coated Aluminum (both optional).

To add an even more personal touch you can select a design for your chaincase panel just like our very own pebble design. Head over to the ‘Your Bike in Your Colour & Your Panel Design!’ page for more detailed information.

Pebble Bikes has single speed and 8 speed demonstration Paper Bicycles to enable customers the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’. Please go to the contacts page to arrange your test ride.

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